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Student Support Question 1: Bullying

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Qs: What do I do when my child is being bullied?

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OK we have all been bullied at some point in our lives (unless your superman or superwoman) but for a child being bullied it can overtake their lives and destroy them mentally and physically.  The mental scars can last for years and the physical trauma can be life threatening.  Your child who you love is being abused and you can often feel powerless.  With new technologies bullying not only be through traditional methods it can be online abuse as well.  What do you do?  What is the solution?

I personally don't think any one solution will support a child because every child is different.  Most people will say stand up to them but this is not always possible.  People who are mentally drained often feel they can't and sometimes attackers are stronger physically.  The scars of being bullied can be long term. 

The other common advise is talk to the school.  My argument with this one is that the school has a general level of care entitled to your child and they may be able to support you and offer you a larger picture as to what is happening.

Bullying UK is a charity that offers support and advise to people being bullied and they provide advice on what to do if your child is being bullied (click here).  They point out there is a legal obligation for your child's needs to be met and the school must have an anti-bullying policy by law which outlines their procedure.  Bully UK also have a support lines so I recommend checking out their website.

Online Tutoring

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So you've tried everything and your child is even further away and you have been left with no option but to withdraw your child from school for their safety.  Their confidence is in tatters, their social life shattered and what on earth are you going to do about schooling? 

Well one solution is online tutoring.  If your child enjoys it enough you could even consider schooling online.  Many schools these days are online because they have worldwide students, students in remote locations, students in countries with extreme weather (e.g. snowstorms) etc.

Private Home Tutoring 


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Another solution is to tutor your child yourself at home.  However not all parents feel confident doing this or know the procedures for home schooling.  It can be difficult juggling work and tutoring commitments.   Subsequently some parents opt for private home tutoring.




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