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My Tutor Tip 5: Creating Crib Notes

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Revision: Crib Notes

Just as learning can come in many different formats what we revise from for our exams should be in formats we learn best from.  Some people revise best with books, others from videos, others audio notes etc.  For this reason I suggest making crib notes that work for you in your best format.  The great news is that for 11+, SATs, GCSE etc. there are huge amounts of resources available on the Internet and in books (including audio and electronic) from videos to test papers.  It may not always be necessary to create crib notes from scratch.

If you have a tutor (like myself - further information on the website), then often they supply crib notes if asked for and of course homework to test your learning.  If you create your crib notes as you go along it is a lot easier than leaving it all until the end.  If you create crib notes as you go along you will have a bank of knowledge you can work from.


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