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Types of Tuition

There are 3 types of tutoring which RK Tutors currently offers:
  1. On-line Tuition
  2. Home Tuition
  3. Group Tuition
  • On-line Tuition
On-line tuition involves the student and tutor being in a virtual classroom through the use of a two way interactive whiteboard.  Video and audio are used to communicate live whilst using the whiteboard.  It has the benefits of added security, availability in variety of locations and can be used across timezones.  Students who are struggling to find tutors often benefit from this solution.
  • Home Tuition
Face to face tutoring is currently available for students living in North Manchester areas.  This is a more traditional format of tutoring where tutor and student are in the same room.  This creates a more personalised atmosphere and involves tangible resources.  Please contact RK Tutors to find out more. 
  • Group Tuition
It is possible to book groups of students together for on-line or home tutoring.  Students should be of a similar age and ability and prepared to look at the same subject area during lesson time.
Group online tutoring is a maximum of 4 students together at a time.  RK Tutors recommends there is at least one adult in the room at the same time as the on-line lesson is in operation if students are together in one real life room.  Students can be from and in different locations providing they have internet and computer capabilities.  The lessons will run similar to individual on-line tuition except with 4 students together in the classrooms. 

For group home tuition booking there is a maximum of 10 students per session.  Please contact RK tutors for further information.

Group tuition could benefit those who learn better in social situations.

Subjects on Offer

RK Tutors currently offers tutoring in:
  • Maths and Numeracy (including learning to count)
  • Literacy and English (including learning to read and write)
  • Art
  • Art History
RK Tutors currently offers tutoring for primary, secondary and adult learners.  Students are encouraged to be Year 2 or older.  Maths tutoring is up to GCSE level and English is primary level including SATs.  If you are interested in Art and Art History this is taught up to University level specialising in Modern Art History and Digital Art.

Additional Support

RK Tutors recognises that every student is different and may need additional support (e.g. they may have special educational needs).  RK Tutors tries to meet the needs of every student and encourage you to contact RK Tutors to find out what can be done to support you or your child as individuals.  To contact RK Tutors please click here.

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